Drum Pit is a game about hitting things with a stick.

Featuring music and additional sound design by King Aurorus Music. Go support their stuff!


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All controls outside of menu navigation are completely remappable for both input types, but here are the defaults for reference:

ActionKeyboard + MouseController
Move rightDleft stick ->
Move leftAleft stick <-
JumpWa / cross
Dodgeleft shiftb / circle
Attackleft mouseright trigger
Alt Attackright mouseleft trigger
InteractSleft stick v
Open MenuP or EscStart


In basic, the system follows the classic dodge-and-hit formula that you would expect. Hit the men, do not let the men hit you. 


While the two inputs very roughly correspond to normal/ special attacks, different weapons offer unique combo paths between both inputs, including a not insignificant amount of "tech" to discover.


Is the game Just too playable?

Fear not!
I have provided you with a number of optional visual effects that can make the game physically hard to look at. Beyond this, the colour of nearly every object in the entire game is up to your discretion.

Tired of that pesky UI? Make it the same colour as the background!
Too many colours? Compress the entire game to a terrible 6 bit pallette, just to suffer!
Just done overall? Make the entire game bright orange!


Experiencing undue tribulations?
Is the Glumbus male giving you trouble?
Did a collection of disheveled gangrene distributors tell you to "git gud"?

Try some of these Tips to come out ahead:

  • Find some health upgrades
    • Every run at the pit is an opportunity to permanently increase your health. Listen for the severed human heart hidden within the walls.
  • Try out a different weapon
    • Each of the four unique weapons can be unlocked by finding and defeating a grumpy miniboss, listen for an ominous hum in the pit.
  • Focus on defense
    • You can't win if you're dead, abuse the heck out of the invulnerability provided by the dodge, then strike when the danger has passed.

Coming Next

As of release, I do not intend to develop this project further. Though I have plans for where this project could go, others demand my attention. If this brief demo got you excited, please let me know in the comments or on my discord.


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Drum Pit Windows 26 MB
Drum Pit OSX 26 MB


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Remember how I said I was done? I lied

Bravo six going dark

I reset and played for a bit. 0 DMG.

0 Schlambus - 1 Me

(Navigation was not easy)

I'm flattered that you're still playing, glad to see someone making full use of the gramphics settings.

Very Impressive.

Thanks mate, keep up the good work

Problem: I reset to default setting but forgot to download source

ok last time fr now. good game, deserves to live on. 

-anon user

idk how i managed this tbh, buuut yeah.

Everything is white, except for the character and the enemies, which are a slightly darker shade of white. all effects are one, frequency is max. ow

lmao im still playing this

Soooooooo... yeah

(1 edit)

is there something i dindn't understand ?

do i really have to wait for the bar to fill everytime i die before i can enter the pit again ?

but apart from that the game is really good and the customization is pretty cool


I think the game is semi-procedural, kinda like Minecraft, its a little random. so it has to load in the entire pit. I thought the bar was based on how much you smacked the dummy, but its a loading screen. 

very clever.

Aight this was my final run, it took a bit longer. This comment section is wayy too empty, but if any new players show up, practice with the drumsticks, the tech is really fun and you understand the timings better. 

Good game overall :)

aaand beat it as an unplayable disgusting bitcrush pallette

Going for orange next

Aight well I did it again, still nothing. What's meant to happen? (it doesn't bother me, it's about the journey not the destination!

i gave myself gold drumsticks btw

It's supposed top give you two castanets, display a thank you for playing message, and open a portal that takes you back to the start. I must've doinked it when fixing the boss's ai a while back. Thanks again for playing, I'm glad you enjoyed it.

Also impressive to beat it with the cowbell, congrats!


I... did it. Now what?

Well shoot, that's definitely not what's supposed to happen lol. I appreciate the dedication, sorry about the broken game.

Lol ill do it again, this is more replayable than dark souls

Nice job man

aight this is good. The animations, The art, the sounds, the gameplay. I love it! also, Can you add sound alerts for those who play on silent