This was a project made in a few afternoons for lame jam 12 as an excuse to learn in-engine Inverse Kinematics.

In a place beyond time and space, the accursed Schlupus lurks, thirsting for destruction. Punished by higher powers, the Schlupus is offered a path to it's dark goals: all it needs is to stack two cubes atop each other, and everything will be destroyed. Those that punished the Schlupus thought this impossible, end them.

[ No actual win condition I'm sorry : ( ]

The feet and legs are both controlled by IK targets. Additionally, the jiggle on head and nose are controlled by IK targets utilizing simulated ball joints.


WASD to move
Mouse to look
E to grab

Special Note:

I intend to turn this entire project into a full game at some point. If that sounds remotely interesting, please follow for dev updates when I get the time to do that.

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TagsFunny, Singleplayer, Unity, Walking simulator


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hehe schupus

and quickly connected inverse kinematics with the theme of jam